Aug. 1st, 2010

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((Ficlet on what happened after Sylar left him at the old diner if Samuel came for him))

I was starving and dying of thirst when he found me. 

It was stupid of me to stick around that ruined diner on the off chance that Sylar would return and we could continue our road trip.  What did I have for him anymore?  It was my fault for telling that prick where his dear sweet daddy was.  I played all of my cards too soon.  At least I learned to never let that happen again.

I'd been sitting in the booth that Sylar destroyed to get at his little toy car when I heard footsteps on the dusty wooden deck outside.  My heart raced.  It had been almost two days by that point and I could hardly stand.  I still tried to just the same, like some kind of fucking kicked puppy, shuffling to that dirty grease spoon diner door.  It opened before I could get there.

There was a light behind him.  I'd call it angelic, but it was just fucking dark in my little corner of hell.  A flashlight beam or a cigarette lighter would have looked just like illumination by the Almighty too.

I noticed his fingernails first.  Dirty, chipped black polish.  What a mess, more of a mess than I was -- and I hadn't even showered in a few days!  He smiled at me.  I scowled at him.  And then he showed me what would become my new home with the wave of his hand like a fucking magician.

Honestly, if Samuel hadn't showed up, I might have just stayed in that diner forever.  Construction workers would have found my bones a few years later, maybe, while clearing away the abandoned diner for some new, classy lifestyle center.  Samuel said that I was loyal.  That I was honest.  That I could be an asset.  I thought he was just some sort of pervert.  How wrong was I?

Sylar gave me the illusion that I belonged somewhere.  That was conjured from my own desire to have a reason to simply be and certainly not because he wanted me to feel special in any way.  Sylar was only interested in himself.  Kinda like I had been before he crashed my house and tried to kill my mom.  But Samuel?  Samuel's given me a real family.  He's given me love and support.  Most of all, though, he's given me a purpose.

Even if that purpose is simply to keep the popcorn flowing for the guests at the Carnival.  It's better than nothing.  And it's kind of funny freaking out the kids when I pop their corn from kernels sitting in my hand.


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