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microwavelength ([personal profile] microwavelength) wrote2011-05-17 08:08 pm
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Short Order Cook

He hates it.  From the noise to the brightness to the level of prettiness, this school is absolutely the worst he's ever been at.  And he's been at some pretty fucking bad ones.  Mom moves him around a lot.  He gets into trouble and sometimes it's just easier to get a job at another hospital and take her son away before he gets a wrap sheet for the crap he pulls.

Luke doesn't wear school colors.  He's not in any clubs.  He manages not to get slushied or dumpstered.  He is quiet in class and lies to everyone that gets it into their head to so much as smile at him.

Maybe that's how all of this trouble started in the first place.

"I don't need a partner.  I'm not going to do the fucking report anyhow."  Or, maybe it was just that he hated Spanish class with a passion.  And the thought of being paired with Kurt of all people?  Not.  Happening.

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