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Luke Campbell did not do friends. He did not do family. He did not do people. He'd learned some very hard lessons when he was seventeen and then nineteen years old that you couldn't trust anyone but yourself. He hated himself too but at least he had a good reason for that. And between bouts of loathing, he also had enough fun to ride him through depressions.

He'd met Axel not too long ago. It had been an accidental run in during a robbery gone south for each of them. Luke shut off the CCTV right before Axel finished with his whole I'm An Awesome And Scary Bomber guy and unfortunately for them both, that made the whole array go off.

Microwave manipulation wasn't perfect. That much was obvious when he found himself in the basement with part of s building covering him. He didn't know why he didn't just boil Axel's blood then and there.

Or why he started following him around. Or why he showed up at his next gig. Luke cleared his throat, slipping his cell phone into his back pocket. Having control of every security camera in the city had its perks and make stalking so much easier. His smile was not kind. "We have to stop meeting like this."

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