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Luke hadn't fought his mother on the relocation. He lied about what happened with Sylar, he told her he had been used and left, nearly murdered but for his ability. It saved him, he lied. All he wanted was to be normal, he lied.

He wasn't sure if she bought it but she didn't fight him either and so he found himself starting in a new school across the country from New Jersey.

It didn't matter. These were all people lesser than he was. He just needed to be here for a little while until he could figure out what to do with his life.

That didn't mean he wasn't careless about it all. He ate kernels of corn that he popped in his bare hand in the quad., in front of everyone.

And they were all scared of him. His dead eyes. He liked that.
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Weird things had been happening a lot lately, not just with him but in life. First the weird glowing crater with potential aliens, then he could move objects with his mind like some kind of super hero and now this weird kid who seemed to be able to make popcorn with his bare hands.

It was so unreal. How did he even do that?

He watched from a safe distance... well, safe enough that he could avoid immediate attack but close enough that he could record what he was doing so he could watch it again later.

Maybe there were more people out there like him. Maybe this kid was one of the aliens. All he knew was that he wanted to keep watching just in case.
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Shit. Andrew lowered his camera and protectively held it close, it was too important to lose and way too expensive to get damaged, he wasn't about to relent or have it dropped from any kind of impact. Shielding it the best he could, he took off running in an attempt to ditch this weird kid.

If he could get himself back in the open, maybe he could just about get away with this.

After all, this footage wasn't something he wanted to give up either. That kind was like a microwave man or something, he was popping his own popcorn!
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It was kind of hard to outrun someone when being tripped by a bunch of assholes and not really being that good of an athlete. It was like trying to beat a platform game on hardmode, he was set up for failure before he'd even had time to try.

Coming to a halt, knowing he was beaten, he pulled his camera in close and tried to protect it from any potential damage. He couldn't give over his tape, it had all of his footage on it. The alien crash sight, his first power play around. He can't risk losing that. It was irreplaceable.

"I-I can't give you the tape, I can't-- I can edit you out, okay? Just ... Come on, not the camera."
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"Trust me, I'm so not leaking this online." Still, he's not stupid, despite what he knows he'd do, Luke didn't know what he'd do so they were in a place where it was hard to progress without one of two things happening - his camera got melted or he got melted. And he wasn't in favour of either.

It wasn't harder to have hurt stronger people than him, he was aware of his own weaknesses but he didn't really like them being pointed out.

He tried to pull himself up, to look bigger, holding his hand up defensively. If he came at him, he'd attack. He could do that... maybe. Fuck. He needed better control of this thing.

"Don't mess with me. I won't let you get this tape." God help him, he didn't want to melt but he couldn't go down without a fight.
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"It's not perverted!" Why did people see a guy with a camera and assume he was only filming girls or filming naked chicks? Well, okay, not that unexpected but it was still annoying. He got it with the hopes of seeing amazing things and having a cool way to document it, having a fun way to experience something but instead he was constantly being accused, chased and attacked for it.

Sometimes it wasn't worth the hassle.

"Look, just, cool it. It's not even like anyone would buy it if I did leak it. It's the age of photo-shop and video editing. Not that I would but, well, it's just -- it's not something I can just erase." Oh man, he was so getting melted. "You could ... could watch me edit it? If you're that bothered by it."
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Technically, he'd won the battle here but he knew he hadn't won the war. How the hell did he edit thing thing without the kid seeing his other footage. He reluctantly nodded and then gave the kid a sideways look, unsure how best to proceed. Luke had a stare that set him on edge and he had no idea how to cope with that sort of feeling.

Not that he didn't have his fair share of intimidating people trying to knock him down but this? This was different.

"The computer labs should be open now but we need to have permission." Given it was usually closed this time of day, he wasn't sure how best to proceed.
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"We can't go to my house." Jesus, no, he wasn't allowed anyone over and he wasn't about to bring a psycho microwave guy in around his mom. He might make the cancer worse, he read a few times that microwaves could cause that shit. And besides all of that, his dad... no, he didn't even want to contemplate this idea. "No, that's not an option. Can't we go to your place? I can bring around the software or we could just edit it on a library one. I'm sure they might have something You can cut up videos on windows movie maker sometimes."

Yes, low quality and kind of a last resort but what else was his move here? Go home and hope his dad was out drinking instead of inside drinking.

He looked down and tried to consider better options, faster ways to do this and get rid of this freak kid. "Can't you just trust I'd delete it? I don't want to get nuked by you, I'm not going to be that stupid."
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"W-Wait. Wait!" The count down, the pressure, the way he raised his hand with a clear thread, it all caused the adrenaline in him to build up so much that when he finally released it, it was a lot messier than all the times he'd practised so far. With a cry that edged on the verge of panic, he let loose a large telekinetic blast that knocked down anything in it's path.

Hard enough to knock Luke off his feet.

"Get away from me! Don't you melt my fucking camera!" Why were people always pushing him around? Why did they have to make him act like this? He felt the overwhelming urge to hurt Luke build up in him and he had to fight to hold it back. He couldn't do this, he couldn't start shit. He wasn't that strong. "Just back off!"
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Andrew just didn't find it as funny as Luke did, he felt like he'd betrayed his friends for outting himself having powers and given how small his friendship group kind of was, he couldn't really afford to piss them off. He shuffled awkwardly, unsure where to go from here. At least Luke didn't seem to be spoiling for a fight? That was something.

"It's not funny, it's -- it's just -- look, I don't want to talk about it. Do you just believe me now? That I'm not going to out you online."

Hopefully now Luke got why it would be so fucking dumb for him to do that. With great hesitation, he moved in closer to Luke and tentatively, with his camera pushed as much out of reach as he could, he held his hand out to him. "I promise I'm not going to screw us both over like an idiot."
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"Andrew." Andrew clearly didn't trust this tone shift and kept his guard up, keeping his camera close in case it was some kind of trap to lure him in and then melt his camera and probably him. He shrugged his shoulders, feeling awkward about discussing this so openly with a strange but ... well, he was just like him.

He was different.

"I looked it all up online. It's telekinesis. But I can fly a little too. Kind of. I can hover." It wasn't quite flying yet but it was something, right? He was still in the early stages, still discovering what he could do. Mostly he could float objects and move people. "I read online that it can build and get stronger - like a muscle."